Nov 6, 2011

Six Down...

twenty-four to go!
Today marks the sixth day in a row that I haven't used a hair dryer, or flat iron on my hair! My goal is to go an entire month without using either. (Hair please grow and be healthy) After getting ready next to my little sister every morning I decided that it isn't good for me to compare myself to her long, thick, luscious,  horse mane (even though its fake) and that instead, I should take some action to make a difference on my own hair! I'm not saying that in thirty days my hair will magically take on a Rapunzel effect and grow past my bum, but I do have confidence it will be a lot healthier than it is now! This challenge has also presented a few other positive outcomes... I've had to get creative with new ways to do my hair, I'm less likely to be late to school because I usually wash my hair at night now so I don't have to worry about drying it in the morning, and I have to not care what other people think about my sometimes partially wet hair dos ;) haha. After a month hopefully some better hair care habits will have been formed and this will pay off!

This is also the sixth day that I haven't eaten ANY candy, and for this challenge I'm not trying to go for a certain amount of time, or set any goals, or really make it a big deal...cause I'd hate to set a goal I can't achieve. and to be honest I'm pretty surprised I've already gone this long! I just wanna see how long I can do it, and if I break in and eat those sour watermelons that have been sitting on my desk for a week now, NO big deal! I'll just start over again the next day :)

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