Nov 23, 2011

how cute

cute, white, fluffy snowmen.
when you mix the two together they dry all bumpy and textured
 how cute!!

and in case you were wondering,
the 'sock bun' it works.

Yup thats a sock in there!
no bobby pins or nothing.
  • Cut the toe off of a mid-calf sock
  • Put hair in high pony
  • Feed hair through sock
  • Roll sock, it should cover your hair and stay in place

 today is day 23.
Pretty sure I don't even know how to work a hair dryer anymore.
but bad news... julia took out her extensions today and her hair STILL
looks the exact same. :/ oh well. GOOD for her!

We're headed up to Eden tonight to spend Thanksgiving there with the Andersons, and starting a new tradition.
Since everyone is SO full after Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, we are having PIE tonight! Just to make sure we all have room to add a few more calories to our day! haha.

 excited to go spend time with family, I have
SO many things to be grateful for! :)


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