Nov 24, 2011

Thanks Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Can you say TWO thanksgiving dinners is enough?
 As if I don't already have enough to be thankful for.
 I have been blessed with an amazing family and wonderful parents who have followed the example of their parents in teaching me and my siblings as we've grown up.
i'm SO thankful for mom, dad, Julia, Jake, Alivia, Avaree and LOVE them so much!
SO thankful for books, temples, missionaries, crafts, baby lotion, hot chocolate, my job, education, my intern with the second graders, sunshine, a roof over my head, water, book of mormon, my bishop, grandparents, sweaters, showers, crushed ice dispenser, frozen yogurt, JORDAN, cousins, movies, cars, apples, scrapbooks, hugs, glitter, the church, school vacations, people who make up recipes, the view of trees on top of an overpass in kaysville, the seasons, flowers, the holy ghost, Jesus, the atonement, blankets, cameras, America, and have i mentioned my FAMILY?
There are so many more things I could name, little silly things and big things.

Last night I was able to spend the night in a beautiful cabin full of a big family who i love! Today we all had a thanksgiving lunch together, and tonight I got to have another Thanksgiving dinner with another family who I love! I don't know how many people can say that. After being able to do this I realize that even though there are trials and hard things in my life it all just makes me stronger, things always turn out okay, and truly I have so much i'm blessed with that I have no room to complain!
Life is good.

Okay... SO i got a little deep there haha
For all you BLACK FRIDAY-ERS...
gotta love Justin Bieber.

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