Jul 17, 2017

a little slice of heaven, MT


Spent a weekend (and it was about a week too short) up in beautiful Montana with the WHOLE FAM. YAY. Got us all together!
(The brother in laws didn't realize how important FAM trips are, and well we had to reel them in and make them cancel all plans they had asap cause... ya can't miss out!! lol) 

This was about a week ago and let me tell ya, summer is FLYIN right on by! We've got a bunch of updates in our life but I'll save that for another day. 

Jord was able to take work off last minute and I mean LAST minute to be able to join us and I was so so happy that he could! Even though he had a nasty cold he was able to come and fish his little heart out! Which of course made my heart happy. 

Jord and I drove down a day after my family and had about 7 hours together in the car, my mom printed off directions for us to follow because you usually lose service and can't use your phone to GPS you. So we started off by following the GPS on our phone and once we started getting close to the "no service" zone we took a lookey at the printed directions and realized they were a completely different route than the one our phone had taken us!!! GAH. We only had like one minute of panic and called my parents and got it all figured out so we wouldn't get lost and then had a good laugh at ourselves after. 
Also, no music in the car so we had some fun singing our own tunes... acapella. I don't know why but whenever I'm in the car with no actual music, Moulin Rouge soundtrack, Phanton Of The Opera, and Pitch Perfect are the only lyrics I can remember. :) Jord was dying haha. 

We spent our time going on the most gorgeous hikes to lakes, fishing on the river, going to a rodeo!! Ok I have been to a rodeo.... zero times in my life before this! Haha and I guess this wasn't technically a rodeo but a "bull riding show." Oh my gosh. I was SO entertained!!! Those cowboys are CRAZY and those bulls are MASSIVE. Jord and I had a secret crush on the cowboy who would reign in all the bulls after their ride. He was this young kid on his horse and literally after the bull was so ticked off and stomping around the arena he would get is lasso and just lasso the huge bull and pull it into the kennel on his horse like NO BIG DEAL... He was a bad a for sure. RESPECT. 
(also sorry^ there just isn't a more perfect way to describe it)

Also I just love my grandparents cute little log cabin. It is magical! I remember coming here ever since I was a little girl and although I wish I could see them more I'm so glad we can go visit them here! One time when we were visiting a few years ago we were all eating dinner out on my grandma's covered porch and we look out the window and a mama black bear and her two little cubs came down the hill through the forest and into my grandma's garden!! It was the coolest experience!!! Granted, I was scared to go hiking up in their backyard for the rest of our visit but it was SO amazing to get to watch those bears!

ANYWAY, here are a few pictures (never actually just a few) from our magical weekend!!
We love you Darby, MT.  

 out of focus and whoopsie jord is in his underwear cause he just took a plunge in the lake :/

 my pretty little sister liv. when you are best friends with your sisters... life is good.

 My brother!!!! He's so dang cute. And he is leaving on his mission in HAWAII next month. Don't go. But go. But don't. GAH!! 

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