Jul 21, 2017

ROME you city of love you!!

Hi, slowly but surely getting all caught up when I have a second of down time here and there. Which is okay.. a LOT but probably shouldn't be a lot because I have a lot to do! Haha but oh well. 
So here is a sad story: I make photo books of basically everything. I love love love saving my pictures this way and feel like they get looked at the most when they are in a photo book. So of course I made a few books from our trip to Europe and ordered them off of Shutterfly. After a while I started to wonder why they hadn't shown up yet... and did some research in my email and realized I had them shipped to St. Thomas!!! NOOOOOOOOO. I'm so impatient waiting for these things anyway and this was just the worst news haha. UGH. But luckily my friend is moving home from St. Thomas in a week now and she said she'll squeeze them in her luggage for me! yay. 

I can't even tell you how excited I was to go back to Rome!! When I went on study abroad over 3 years ago it was the best experience I've ever had. I fell IN LOVE with Italy. All I've been wanting to do since I left that place was turn around and go back! I was seriously giddy walking around the streets with Jord telling him, 
"this is where we ate lunch" 
"Oh, this was the best gelato place" 
"ahh I have a picture in this same spot"

haha basically the jist of it^ Rome is so romantic to me and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I still loved being there. Especially with Jord! Rome only holds a fraction of my love for Italy though and we definitely need to go back to make it to all of the other wonderful cities. :)

Three days is of course too short but some of our highlights included:
Renting bikes and biking around the city
Eating at "Alfredo's" where the ORIGINAL alfredo was made!!
Getting gelato at Giolotti's by the trevi fountain
Allllll the pretty romantic buildings.
The Vatican Museum
St. Peter's Basilica
The Colosseum
Listening to a man sing the most beautiful opera I've ever heard in my life outside of The Pantheon.
Tossing my coin in the Trevi fountain with my lover, because we WILL be back yet again!!!

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