Jun 28, 2017

Feelin' dandy in Denmark


Taking a break from the endless house hunting to write a little post about Denmark! But seriously, is anyone else trying to move to Davis County right now?? Do you feel my pain?!? Send good vibes our way please! And someone with a cute house will you please just sell it! ;) 

When we visited Europe this last month of the 4 countries we explored Denmark was the first and dare I say, my favorite!?!?!? Guys! It was soooo enchanting!!! Copenhagen was adorable and the country side was soooo pretty. It felt overall peaceful. There were hundreds of people zooming by on their bikes and making their daily commutes but even the city was soooo quiet! At one point I felt like I had to whisper as we were walking through town! haha I loved it!

We scored with having our friend John with us, he served his mission in Denmark and was able to speak Danish and be our own little tour guide and also help us order the best pastry of course. 

Our time in Denmark consisted of waking up at the break of dawn and grabbing a pastry from the bakery outside our apartment, then GO GO GO til we dropped. We wasted no time in Denmark and were out walking around until we couldn't go any further and would come home late and just crash. We literally wore ourselves right out and on our last day in the country half of us came down with a nasty cold that lasted almost the rest of our trip... but when in Europe no time to take a sick day! 

My favorite thing about Denmark was when we were driving through the country and would pass all these rolling fields full of bright yellow flowers. It was soooo pretty. I don't have any pictures because we were always driving by when I saw them but they made my heart so happy.

I wrote like 15 pages in my journal of experiences we had in Denmark and things that we did in just 3 days! There was so much to see. I'll just include the highlights. :)

Nyhavn!! I mean just so picturesque. But really the cutest street with colorful buildings on either side of the canal and old ships sitting in the water. So cute. There are restaurants lining the street and gelato and pastries! It was fun to walk up the street and cross the bridge taking pics of everything!

A Canal Tour! Granted this is extremely touristy... but hey we were tourists. Plus the canal goes all through Copenhagen and we were able to see a loooot of the famous landmarks and learn some history about them as we just rode by. It was SUPER nice to get to see everything while sitting down and relaxing. :) We even saw The Little Mermaid statue which is one of the landmarks Denmark is known for. Plus we were able to make note on locations that we wanted to go back to by foot and spend more time in! 

WHATEVER This place is called!!!!! haha just a cute little park outside one of the castles... everyone just hanging out with their lover, playing frisbee on the grass, eating a picnic. I loved it.

Church of Our Saviour. Visited this church just so we could walk up the spiral tower. An amaaaaazing view!! And unlike other towers that we've climbed instead of having a platform to stand on at the top, the spiral staircase just literally gets smaller and smaller and eventually runs out at the very top! 

Frederiksborg Castle. Favorite castle!!! Complete with a moat, castle gardens and the cutest ballroom. We loved walking through and I loved that it was a little bit chilly on this day... haha not sure why just made it seem more enchanting and eerie? I don't know. I liked it. 

Also whatever this cute little town is called. Within the first couple hours of landing in Denmark we drove to this town where the houses are 300+ years old and had the original thatched roofing... it was adorable. And the quietest town I have EVER stepped foot in haha. It was so peaceful. It was right next to the ocean and we walked out by the water where there were fields of windmills in the water! 

COPENHAGEN LDS TEMPLE. We love finding pieces of home when we are away and traveling! So cool to have something so familiar to us so far away. This temple in Copenhagen was originally a chapel! 


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