Jun 30, 2016

Crow Creek Ranch Carver Reunion

Crow Creek Ranch
Carver Reunion

Every year Jord's fam goes up to our brother in law, Adam Cox's, ranch in Wyoming. We love it!! Especially Jord, it's the ultimate "boy" vacation. 
You wake up early to go shoot ground squirrels, then after breakfast you go for a dirt bike ride, then you go set up targets to shoot in the field, then go for a canoe ride and fish, then go fly fish on the river, then take a nap in the hammock after lunch, then before dinner you go shoot ground squirrels again (poor things,) after dinner you have badminton and spike ball tournaments then you have a campfire and roast marshmallows and you wake up the next day to do it allll over again!! haha you see what i mean! I think it's beautiful up there so my favorite part is tagging along and taking pictures. 

I stole Jord's fish for a pic. ;) Can't take credit for catching it!! 

 Not QUITE the same as a gondola ride in Venice, but... it'll do!! 

Funny story about a snake. The first day we were walking down to the lake and we have to cross over this little guard rail, so you have to balance on each one as you cross... and as i'm going across a little black snake starts to cross it as well! So of course I freak out and scream, but I can't run away because i'm in the middle of the guard rail! So I have to like balance across the rest of it as fast as I can which just looked ridiculous. K. So next day we were walking down to the lake again and we get to the guard rail and I start to cross it... and I was like hey guess what happened yesterday.. and I start telling the story of the snake and how it was funny because I couldn't run away.... AND ANOTHER SNAKE starts to cross it!! haha the same thing happened to me twice!! And i did the exact same thing again. 

Sunday Miracle!
Sunday we got dressed up and drove into town, Star Valley, to go to church! It was an incredible meeting! All the deacons had cowboy boots on and big belt buckles as they passed the sacrament, we were definitely in country town! And the speakers were great. After church Jordan's parents and Jord and I drove around the town and looked at the new temple they are building in Star Valley! It's so small, angel moroni seems HUGE on it! But it's beautiful! Then we stopped to get some food, and Jordan noticed that we had a flat tire! Everywhere was closed except this little market and drove over to it and tried to figure out what we were going to do! The lady working at the store was so nice and called her husband to come over to the store to help us. The problem, was that we needed the spare tire. But the back of their car was broken so we couldn't open up the back... which we needed to do in order to have room to get the spare out. A man who was a truck driver and was camping out in the parking lot came over and offered his help... After a couple hours and with the help of the truck driver and the store owner's husband they were able to get the spare out and put on the car AND repair the nail hole that was in out tire because the truck driver had a repair kit! They wouldn't accept the money we offered them for their help and just said to pass along goodness! I love good people!! If jordan's parents hadn't discovered the flat, they would have been on a hot dusty road in the middle of nowhere by the time they discovered it with no cell service and it would have been a much worse nightmare to try to fix! It was a Sunday miracle. :) 

These are the kind strangers who were so so helpful! Not to mention sharing such a good message with us to just pass along goodness. Service People!! That's what it's all about! 

The face of pure joy... Jord is in total heaven. 

Jord's little gun may look little... but it has a LOT of kick. I could barely hold onto it when I shot it! 

Don't mess with him... he's a bad bad man. 

CUTEST little inch worm/caterpillar whatever it was. It was so cute and tiny and literally when it walked it would scrunch all in, then stretch all out. I think I watched it crawling around on my niece's finger for a solid thirty minutes and was SO entertained! PLUS how cool is my macro OOLA LENS to take these sweet pics of it???

 I realllllly wanted to go on a jog/hike while we were up here so Jord came with me. We got to the top of the hill we were jogging up and stopped to take some pics and look around, and we look over the hill and there is a COYOTE. It was pouncing on something small and obviously hunting. and I was freaking out!! Jord was telling me to hurry and crouch down so we could watch it, but I was too scared!! haha then it finally saw us and ran off. 

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