Jul 19, 2016

sis is home

Happy Day!!! 
Last Wednesday our Sis came home from serving her LDS mission in New Zealand!!! The past 18th months have just been emails and Skype calls of her adventures and journey. It was SO fun to welcome her home and give her a squeeze!

Quotes from Sis Ju as we arrived home:

"Wowww there is so much.... dirt here."

"What the heck!! Either everyone is anorexic here or i'm just use to seeing squishy people!"

"We are driving on the wrong side of the road!!"


"Mom, I don't need a cell phone you don't need to get me one." 

"Oh, I need to make an appointment to see her" (referring to her friend)

"BROTHER! I haven't seen a human body for 18 months!!" -As brother takes off shirt to try on his Sulu she brought home.

 Welcome Home Ju!

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