Jun 7, 2016

babe turns 23 in St G

Happy Birthday Jordy!! 
We celebrated Jord's birthday by taking a little weekend getaway to st george! I always love going to saint george, it's a fun change of scenery :) 

Jord and I like to vacation opposite from each other. Meaning, we go somewhere and Jord likes to have a schedule planned out for every second of every day and likes to plan excursions and "we're doing this at this time, and then we'll do this." and I on the other hand think that a vacation is having NO plans and just doing whatever you feel like, when you feel like it and maybe even doing nothing!! haha! So for his birthday I planned out our entire weekend in st george with events! During my prep time at work I was looking up places on-line, calling, scheduling, paying and booking stuff for us to do all weekend! I felt pretty proud of myself! I wanted to surprise him with all the festivities but it was impossible because I needed his input on too many things, ("Wait you don't want me to spend this much on golf, right? Are you okay if we go to the cheap place?") 

So we ended up leaving Friday afternoon, and were planning on seeing Peter Pan that night at Tuacahn Amphitheater... and after we were already half way to st george we called the theatre to check on something and turns out they HAD CANCELED THE SHOW FOR THE NIGHT!! WHAT!! We were so mad!! They said it never happens but since it was a "preview" show and they were experiencing some technical difficulties they had to cancel it and refund all the tickets. Such a bummer. But we decided we'll probably make our way back later in the summer to see Tarzan! We ended up going to dinner once we got to St George and going to a movie, still ended up to be a fun night! 

His birthday was on Saturday we woke up and went to the gym, (by his request of course) and then went to Kneaders breakfast, one of our FAV, then had some time to kill before our couples massage so we explored the city a little and found a mexican market that jord was pretty excited to check out and got some treats that reminded him of his mission! We got our couples massages, then spent the day at the pool! Then we got ready and went to a restaurant we have been wanting to try out for a while, Cliffside. It is up on the cliff and overlooks the entire city. We ate out on the balcony and it was soo much fun! Jord is an "atmosphere" person when we go out and it was really fun! Our take on the food... not the best. Especially because it was expensive but hey we figured we were paying for the view haha. After dinner we explored Dixie Rock because somehow throughout all of the high school spring-breaks jordan had never been there! haha! Then we ended the night with a Hokulia Snow Cone!! 

Sunday we went to church and then walked around the temple grounds... and the sun was so bright that it would reflect of the whiteness of the temple and we were BLINDED. but it was beautiful! Then we went on a fun hike!! One of Jord's clients who he trains sent Jord some money for his birthday and told us to go to Anasazi Steak House... we had never heard of it and are SO glad he recommended it because it is now one of our favorites!! It was SOOO delicious and such a fun dinner because everything happens right in front of you! There was a little "stove top" on our table and they brought out a pan for our cheese fondue appetizer and melted it all right in front of us and we dipped everything right in the pan! They brought our steaks out "on the rock" which means they bring us this lava stone that is heated 800 degrees and give us our steak and we cook it "on our rock" exactly how we want it!! It was so much fun!! 
And that night Jord's brother Chase and his family joined us! They had been camping at Snow Canyon so came over for a sleepover on their last night! 

Monday, we went to the pool with Chase's family which was a blast to hang out! And we tried out Jord's new game I got him for his birthday, Spike Ball! We think it has potential of being really fun... as soon as we get good at it haha. 

Hope your birthday was the best Jord and that you know how much I love you!! 

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