May 23, 2016

flower shower

My beautiful best friend gets married in less than three weeks! 
Threw her a little "flower shower" to celebrate our love of flowers and her upcoming wedding to cute Dallin! I'm so happy that all my friends are finding cute hubbys that are going to treat them so well! It makes me happy. :) Plus it's always nice to have instant trip and double date buddies! 

(PS how cute is that invite?? I love having talented friends. Check out Madi's Etsy's shop here!)

The bride:

Fairy Cake Bake Shop does it again... yummiest cupcakes!! These ones were "raspberry vanilla" and were soooo delicious. Katie is definitely one talented baker! I love knowing exactly who to go to for my treat needs for parties or just to have an extra batch around for the weekend. ;)

We had everyone make a flower crown to wear for the night... they turned out pretty cute!!

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