Feb 9, 2016

love as they love

happy valentines week. got a little love package sent off to julia! It will definitely get to her AFTER Valentines day but I figured I like celebrating love all year round so it's allll good! i'm so grateful for her sweet words of wisdom, so i included a little excerpt below from her last letter home! I thought it seemed fitting. 

ps my prayers go out to the wells family, i can't even imagine how heart breaking that would be. 

"Mark 12: 30-34 Since it's love month I have been studying charity a lot. And I LOVE what these scriptures say. The Lord is like “love Me with all of your heart and love your neighbor with all you’ve got”. And the guy is like “so you're saying if I love You and I love my neighbor with my whole heart and all my understanding that’s greater than any sacrifice?”... and Jesus answers.” You got it.. you are not far from the kingdom of God.”  Aka charity is your golden ticket into the celestial kingdom. Love the Lord. Love your brothers and sisters. WITH ALL YOU GOT. And you are not far from Heavenly Father and his Son. IF you want to be with them. You need to be like them. You need to love as They love. 

I love you all with all of my heart and soul and understanding and everything inside of me!!! Families are forever!!"

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