Feb 15, 2016

valentine's wknd

the only good thing about going to work after a four day weekend is that means you only have a four day work-week :) 
we are so so so so lucky to be able to go stay up in beautiful Eden pretty much whenever we feel like it! We went up Friday with friends and ate, played games, watched movies, and hot tubbed. Then for the rest of the weekend jord and I had some one-on-one time! I love spending time with him and I love that he'll spend time with me. :) It was much needed especially with the busy weeks we seem to always have. (and especially after having my first experience of getting yelled at by a mom last week :/) 

Also, we tried cross-country skiing for the first time for the both of us!! It was so fun!!! I'm sure we looked ridiculous because we didn't quite know what we were doing but it was super fun and something I would do again! And, man!! I worked up a sweat! I was ripping off my fur hat, gloves, unzipping my coat haha I kind of felt like I was on an elliptical... but way better! 
After we finished "one lap" (which took us an hour) jord asked if I wanted to go around again... haha but I said we better stop while i'm still having fun. ;)

and... of course Valentine's was amazing! got spoiled with this huge beautiful bouquet, went to church, came home made breakfast, took a three hour nap! hung out with jord, made a huge yummy dinner together with chocolate covered strawberries, went hot tubbing and ended the day cuddling and watching a movie! 

Happy Presidents Day! 

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