Feb 4, 2016

snow at strawberry

can we just compare for a minute this cute little cabin in the summer and then again completely buried in snow!! Jord pretty much had to beg me to come on this little "adventure" with him a few weeks ago to what I'd consider camping. Having to park the car a few miles out and snowmobiling to the cabin (over the frozen lake,) is the first red flag. Getting our water from a spring, again on snowmobiles, using an outhouse because no running water! only source of heat from a wood burning stove, melting snow on said stove to wash face & brush teeth with fresh pine water ;) -pine needles included- definitely camping. I told jord the only way i'd go is if he promised to come to the outhouse with me if i ever had to go at night haha. He kept his promise! All camping aside it really was the most beautiful get away ever! We had a blast snowmobiling, tubing down a giant hill, eating great food and playing games! Grateful for an adventurous husband who gets me out of my comfort zone ;) 

i have THE toughest little nephews. ^ he couldn't get enough of the "vroom vroom" rides

I spy a cute little husband.

when you ask your two year old nephew to take a pic hahah

apparently i like to bring this headband to the cabin (see above)

I was glad to be able to hold on tight to my cute hubby on our snowmobile adventures! 


  1. 'When you ask your two year old nephew to take a pic' hahaha cute pics Jess!!


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