May 3, 2015

well, shoot

Funny story, Jordan surprised me with SKY DIVING vouchers for us. when he told me, it didn't exactly go as he had planned as i pulled the blanket over my head and burst into tears of horror. 
My romantic husband?? buying me something that was literally my WORST fear (one of them) but in the history of jordan and I,
he's the daredevil, adventurer 
i'm the careful, whimp to sum it up.
HE always, gently, pushes me out of my comfort zone and has succeeded in getting me to experience, i'll admit, some pretty cool scary things! 
river rafting, riding motorcycles, rope swings, sailing on the ocean, etc.
in his mind (i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt) this was just another one of those experiences where, 'hey I know you're nervous, but I usually get you to do these things and you end up liking them!' 
but no, this was NOT one of those things, no part of my being urged to jump out of a suspended airplane. i have to hold my ground and I draw the line somewhere! this was exactly that somewhere!!
So I refused to go, for two months. but still had anxiety in the back of my head because I knew that somehow I would end up having to go. UGH. so defeated. 
Sure enough we coordinated with our friends and headed out to Moab Saturday morning where our sky diving adventure await. Our appointment wasn't until 6pm so we made a day out of it and headed down early to play around with shooting some targets, do a little hiking, and swimming in the river. truly, it was a beautiful day in moab. 

after shooting at targets we went to millcreek to find a "local" known swimming hole. we hiked up there (after stopping at shopko cause the silly wife forgot her swimsuit :/ ) it was a gorgeous hike!! and gosh a beautiful day. we got to a point in the hike where the trail split, so we paused deciding where to go and some people noticing our confusion asked if we wanted to be at the top or the bottom of the waterfall. 
we took the higher trail and were headed to the top of the waterfall. 
there were a lot of people there! and a lot of them were cliff jumping off of the top of the waterfall into the lower swimming hole. naturally jordan got ready to jump and started asking the locals what he needed to know. they basically told him to stay within specific parameters if he wanted his landing to be in deep waters… at this time i'm pulling out my camera because holy cow the canyon and views were breathtaking! before I knew it jordan was running toward the edge and did a gainer off the top of the waterfall. he came out of the water and looked back, everyone was cheering because, lets be honest it was a pretty sick trick!! so I gave him my little encouraging wife cheer and he looks right at me and says, "i broke my foot."

I think I just stared at him because he said it again, "My foot is broken!" 
I asked him if he was serious probably three times and he promised and assured me, he definitely broke his foot. 
crap! my heart dropped and i was instantly so angry, 
WHO just does a gainer off of a random waterfall you've never jumped before! what an idiot! 
WHO just lets their husband do something like that!! I'M an idiot!
I panicked and started running down the hike… all the way back to where the trail split, and ran all the way to the bottom of the swimming hole.. and then of course I have no idea what to do. like "come on babe hop on my back i'll take you to safety!" ya right, so helpless. Luckily there were a lot of really good people a lady grabbed me and said, honey get his stuff and start heading towards the car, we'll take care of him. 
so I awkwardly give my poor husband a hug and tell him i'm so sorry this happened.
Jordan's good friend and three other good samatarins took turns carrying jordan back down the hike to the car and we were able to make it to the hospital in Moab.
our friends brought us treats and then headed to our sky diving appointment… which looked like we might have to reschedule at this point ;)
it was so sad, we were in the ER waiting room for 45 minutes and i have NEVER seen jord in so much pain it literally broke my heart. he was miserable & i kept telling him it was okay if he wanted to cry (cause he wouldn't) but i don't think that made him feel any better. 
gosh awkward wife probs. 
FINALLY he got seen and got an X-ray and a CT scan and some strong pain meds that finally had him feeling better than all of us. 
so turns out jord has what they call a lisfranc injury. (google it cause my description will be rough)
all of his toes are disconnected from their joints (in the middle of his foot) and this has caused them to shift. he also has a few small fractures in the bones.
this requires surgery. boo. 
it was too swollen to operate on on sat night, so HOPEFULLY he can get into the U tomorrow and get that going on!! It kills me that he's just been sitting here all weekend with disconnected joints and what not just swelling up and being good for nothing. he needs to get healing! 
please pray for jord that his healing process can get underway!
so… there's your update from a frantic wife. jord is totally chill, never cried once and i'm over here like HELP OH MY GOSH!!

needless to say, i told jord i would jump out of an airplane TEN times if I could take this all away.


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