May 24, 2015

crutchy in pc

beautiful park city never disappoints.

and how cute is my little crutchy in his shorts to church because pants + the boot just don't agree. 

it's hard to believe but i have fallen more and more in love with jord since his accident… especially those first couple weeks and getting surgery i pretty much was waiting on his hand and foot and had to do almost EVERYTHING for him. and that week I was just bursting! i couldn't stop kissin on him and i had to tell him i loved him ten billion times and my heart was so so full. 
it's true. you love those you serve. and if anything good comes out of this it's my TOTAL understanding of that. 

and we love park city! how lucky that we get to come and enjoy it so often with family :)

oh just our tree that was carved in 2010!! Who would have thought!

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