May 3, 2015

my family should have walked with me

hi i just "graduated" college!
" " meaning I'm not technically done until i complete my student teaching for the remainder of the summer but i sure got to celebrate and walk with the 2015 class on friday! SO CRAZY. but so great!! 
I seriously was just driving up to my first day at USU, then i blinked. and now here we are!
but… i could NOT have done it without the amazing people in my life. 
i've had tremendous support from grandparents, family, friends, and teachers. 
When I started this whole college thing Jord was living in Mexico and I got plenty of letters from him cheering me on and telling me how proud he was of me! and how he couldn't believe i was going to summer school but he knew it would so pay off one day! Since he's been home he has been a huge example to me of how to work hard and devote proper time to studying and definitely has dried plenty of tears these last couple tough semesters of mine since he's been home.
my parents have been THEE biggest supporters and believers in me from day one. they got me through my silly first semester at USU and supported my hard decision to move home and go to weber!  My mom drove all the way up to campus to take me to lunch during a break I had between classes on my first day because she knew I was so anxious about a new school, she has pushed me and believed in me when i was sooooo close to giving up… multiple times, because heaven forbid I had to write one more fake lesson plan! ;) she was my personal secretary and made sure i was at the right testing center at the right time, passing the praxis and all that good stuff! She bought my books every semester and was my alarm clock during summer those summer semesters. I could go on.

I have been so blessed to have my parents & a husband who are constantly proud of me which gave me the confidence I needed! 

My mom congratulated me friday night and i said… mom what are you talking about? YOU did half of it!! ;)

Could not have done it without you all. Love you all forever. 

Bring on the summer and student teaching, i'm that much closer!!

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