May 12, 2015

succulents for mom

i was soooooo excited about the mothers day present i got for my mom this year.
because, succulents. hello. they are so cute! 
i have to tell you why succulents remind me of my mom,

they are gorgeous! they offer beauty and joy to everyone they greet.. and they only need watered twice a week.
my mamma is a beautiful soul who offers service and love to everyone she comes in contact with, and she never asks or even expects anything in return. i need to learn this from her and hope i can one day!

to prove my point:
my life is overwhelmingly busy right now! It's so good! But when I get home from student teaching.. i'm exhausted. and then I have to plan and prepare to student teach for the next day PLUS the fact that my husband has been stuck on the couch and needs me to serve him pretty much everything (which I LOVE doing for him) means that by the time it's time for bed… i'm exhausted. and my house 
has. gotten. so. messy. 
you would be APPALLED with me, i promise.
i briefly mentioned this to my mom the other day on the phone as I was just venting and telling her about my life.
today after i got home from school I walk in to find a SPOTLESS house. GAHH.
(i'm telling you people there was broccoli soup and lasagna crusted on some of those dishes!)

My mother is amazing and an angel and that is that. 

PS soon as i get pics of the completed garden, i'll share because the arrangements turned out sooo cute.

cute is a good word for succulents. 

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