Jun 26, 2013

oh the blissful life

Is my life realllllly always blissful? Of course it is. Even when it may not appear to be so soft and sparkly on the surface and if situations haven't exactly been looking up, i've found that the world always has some simple gesture of joy to offer. Maybe we have to peer a little closer around us and maybe even change our standard definition of joy to enjoy these, but they do exist. When a small summer rainstorm gives all our greenery a flourishing boost. Sure makes my drive to Weber breathtaking. A cutest small freight train that traveled through the thick vegetation above me while I was on highway 89 painted the prettiest picture. The sky people! An open expansion of deep azure 'space.' It amazes me how "the sky" has color and it's almost as if our atmosphere is capturing it in a bubble. Like if you flew high enough you could touch this big bright blue tarp (say that 5 times fast), when really it's just a mixture of gas that gradually changes mediums as you get higher and it essentially never ends. But just standing on earth and gazing up into this sky symbolizes to me that you can do anything with your life. The sky is your limit! Even if you are an eternity behind on your POLSC readings and seriously questioning why summer school ever sounded like a good idea, the world is SO much bigger than that one class. There is still time to explore, meet people, and find happiness in every day life! And it makes me happy that my textbook is so cute, dare I say stylish? Didn't think it was possible. Love the sun and be grateful for it's light and warmth. And if your like me find just a minute each day to bask in it WITH spf of course. Embrace the small firework show that the neighbors randomly put on! Isn't it funny how we gather around to watch miniature bombs of color? But it brings us joy, me at least! It makes the children all the way up to the grandparents literally giggle at these loud bursts of confetti in the air. Snail mail brings me joy. (keep it alive people!) The fact that someone would take the time to record thoughts and feelings for you, important enough to pay postage for, that is bliss at it's finest! Not to mention the occasional times you find a small surprise of some pressed flowers from the temple grounds, because they knew that simple act would make your day. (Swoon.)  I promise there is always joy to be found in complementing others. If your day can't be made, make theirs! Take a deep breath. Don't get down if things aren't going your way. Or if you miss someone so much. Or feel overwhelmed and stressed out. And need another job. haha My point is, work hard. Harder than you ever have to achieve your goals and what is important to you. But don't forget to enjoy the climb! Don't get too caught up to the point that you are ignoring and neglecting to be grateful for the tender mercies that surround us every day. I have a very wise bishop who counseled that the more we acknowledge, and record these small but significant miracles the more we will notice them in our lives. What makes you happy?

Jun 23, 2013

summer bliss

Definition of an ideal summer day:




Yup, took a break from the art paintings, math problems, POLSC reading, and lesson planning and enjoyed a beautiful summer day with friends and family! 

P.S. Who saw the full moon last night?? I hope you did because I heard it's the biggest (closest to earth) that it will ever be during our lifetime! Super cool. I got to enjoy it from behind some fireworks in Ogden, it was so rad! 

t-shirt- H&M
dress- Bohme Boutique
headband- F21
sandals- Bohme Boutique
earrings/bracelet- Bohme Boutique
necklace/heart ring- Charlotte Ruse

Jun 16, 2013

happy fathers day

to my favorite dad in the whole entire world.
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I have been to have this guy be my dad. Anyone who has met him knows that he is the most caring person on this planet. He sincerely wants people to be happy, and comfortable and he will go to whatever extent to make sure that they are. He has such a strong sense of paying attention to your individual needs and desires! He knows how to relate and make you feel so important. I have been so lucky to have him as i've grown up. I know i've caused a lot of stress and my dad never fails to show me patience. He has the cutest protectiveness over his girls and I have never doubted the love that my dad has for me. Ever. I know he just wants me to happy. No body can make me laugh harder! You can't be with him and not have a good time. He has taught me the importance of having a healthy balance in life. Work hard, but also make sure that we make time to play hard and to enjoy ourselves and to find joy in the work. I look up to him so much, and if I marry someone half as good as him I will be 100 % satisfied. I love him so much and am SO grateful to have him in my life. I sincerely don't know what I would do without him. He's such a good guy. The best. Love you so much dad!! Thanks for being the very best daddy a girl could ever ask for! 

M E X I C O last entry.

The last batch of pictures from Mexico!

Once a month Dr's from the US travel over to Mexico to donate their time and assistance. We got to participate in assisting with the clinic they set up and entertain the kids while everyone waited their turn. We handed out fliers for this event earlier in the week so people knew when and where to go, it was humbling to see them arrive in their best dress as they gratefully got assistance and health care. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I learned of some of the saddest stories and met the neatest little spirits. It made me mad that these kids and these good people have to go through such bad, and hard things. And I couldn't help but wonder WHY my life has been relatively so easy? I don't think I will ever understand, and all I can do is be grateful that there are people more fortunate who are willing to lighten others burdens just a little.
We had a real good time playing and laughing all day and the little smiles definitely made it easy to forget about the scorching Mexico sun.   

She decided it was for sure more fun when I was the canvas haha.



Sweetest little puppy ever. He stole my heart, all he wanted was someone to love him. :( I'm not even an animal person but all the stray puppies were starting to get to me. We met this (crazy) lady who had moved to Mexico from the U.S. and was trying to run a puppy rescue. I admire her for trying to help these little guys.. but with the amount of stray dogs running around, her services barely make a dent in comparison. But I guess at least some happy puppies are better than none. Bless her heart. 

This was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, these pictures were taken from my phone and haven't been edited at all, and it still looks like this! I can't get over how pretty this sky was on my last night in Mexico! Definitely an appropriate way to say goodbye, until next time!

Adios, amigos!

Jun 13, 2013


I could not be more thrilled to FINALLY say that today
 it has been
since I said see ya later to this babe! 

This pic was taken on our last day together, one year ago!

I am so grateful for this past year and for the experience I have had so far of writing a missionary! Before he left I honestly didn't know how I was going to function, and that sounds so stupid but this guy means so much to me, and he is who I definitely spent the majority of my time with. I am so happy to say that although at times being away from and missing him with all my heart has been the hardest thing I have ever done, it is also extremely rewarding and has so many benefits. I have had time all to myself to more fully figure out who I am and what I want out of life. I have already seen a difference in myself as i've grown up this past year and have developed a new sense of independence. Through writing letters we have gotten to know each other in a way that I don't think would be possible without this experience, and I am loving it! It's so exciting to watch each other grow from a distance. I wouldn't trade these two years for anything. I'm so grateful my bestie is on a mission and already I have witnessed SO many blessings that have come from it, and have felt sincere comfort from my loving Heavenly Father. Although I definitely say that it's due time, it's kind of crazy to think that this little journey is half way over. I'm super excited to see what this next year will bring as I continue to grow, change, and find out more about myself! 


(I promised myself I would never be one of those girls who blogged annoyingly about "her missionary" HA! Ya right. Sorry not sorry.)