Jun 16, 2013

happy fathers day

to my favorite dad in the whole entire world.
I can't even begin to tell you how lucky I have been to have this guy be my dad. Anyone who has met him knows that he is the most caring person on this planet. He sincerely wants people to be happy, and comfortable and he will go to whatever extent to make sure that they are. He has such a strong sense of paying attention to your individual needs and desires! He knows how to relate and make you feel so important. I have been so lucky to have him as i've grown up. I know i've caused a lot of stress and my dad never fails to show me patience. He has the cutest protectiveness over his girls and I have never doubted the love that my dad has for me. Ever. I know he just wants me to happy. No body can make me laugh harder! You can't be with him and not have a good time. He has taught me the importance of having a healthy balance in life. Work hard, but also make sure that we make time to play hard and to enjoy ourselves and to find joy in the work. I look up to him so much, and if I marry someone half as good as him I will be 100 % satisfied. I love him so much and am SO grateful to have him in my life. I sincerely don't know what I would do without him. He's such a good guy. The best. Love you so much dad!! Thanks for being the very best daddy a girl could ever ask for! 

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