Jun 16, 2013

M E X I C O last entry.

The last batch of pictures from Mexico!

Once a month Dr's from the US travel over to Mexico to donate their time and assistance. We got to participate in assisting with the clinic they set up and entertain the kids while everyone waited their turn. We handed out fliers for this event earlier in the week so people knew when and where to go, it was humbling to see them arrive in their best dress as they gratefully got assistance and health care. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I learned of some of the saddest stories and met the neatest little spirits. It made me mad that these kids and these good people have to go through such bad, and hard things. And I couldn't help but wonder WHY my life has been relatively so easy? I don't think I will ever understand, and all I can do is be grateful that there are people more fortunate who are willing to lighten others burdens just a little.
We had a real good time playing and laughing all day and the little smiles definitely made it easy to forget about the scorching Mexico sun.   

She decided it was for sure more fun when I was the canvas haha.



Sweetest little puppy ever. He stole my heart, all he wanted was someone to love him. :( I'm not even an animal person but all the stray puppies were starting to get to me. We met this (crazy) lady who had moved to Mexico from the U.S. and was trying to run a puppy rescue. I admire her for trying to help these little guys.. but with the amount of stray dogs running around, her services barely make a dent in comparison. But I guess at least some happy puppies are better than none. Bless her heart. 

This was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, these pictures were taken from my phone and haven't been edited at all, and it still looks like this! I can't get over how pretty this sky was on my last night in Mexico! Definitely an appropriate way to say goodbye, until next time!

Adios, amigos!

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