Dec 12, 2013

little house in the middle of the wood

 I really love these people a lot. Couldn't ask for a better group. As friends have come and gone, these guys are solid :) 
Also, we got these pictures taken in my grandparents old yard. (yes, obviously during the summer) They sold this house in Farmington before they went on their mission together, and at the time it was definitely a bitter parting of their house haha. I spent a majority of my childhood making memories with my cousins at this house, and in this yard. Going back was definitely nostalgic, and brought back loads of memories. It's weird to look at my childhood from the perspective I'm at now, and to watch my younger siblings and cousins growing up and wondering what they are going to have to look back on, and hold special in their hearts? I'm sure that their experiences are going to be just as special as mine were to me, but i'm tellin you it's hard to imagine that because I swear I had the best childhood ever! 

but from our family to yours, 
may your holidays be merry and bright!

My siblings are perfect.

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