Dec 13, 2013

seasonal thoughts

>When I have my own house, I think I want to get at least one real "christmas" tree each year. Just a little one, even if it's a Charlie Brown tree. I think they add so much. and... the smell... lets be honest.

>Just spent too much money on a swimsuit. In December. Target kills me. All I could think was... "oh this will look so good on the beaches in Italy.".... I have a problem. But on the plus side, I came out of Target with only 1 thing for myself.. the situation could have been worse. 

>Christmas shopping is such a funny concept to me... but every year I get sucked back in and do it! I just love giving presents away too much I guess.

>I've had the goal for a while to find at least one person I can serve each day. And I pray every day for God to help me find these people... cause sometimes I look too hard, when really the people who need me most are right under my nose. 

>Farmington Station is really cute. Especially at night, when it's all lit up with christmas lights! 

>It has been winter for a couple months now and I STILL haven't had a single 7-11 hot chocolate. Or any hot chocolate for that matter. what is going on.

>Well, too late now cause i'm not eating sugar or white flour til christmas. Yes I just made this public so i'm committed. (wait, actually do drinks count?)

>Jordan hates blue christmas lights, they give him a "weird feeling" And I laugh out loud and miss him lots when I see them.

>Julia asked my parents to give all the money they would have spent on her christmas to a family who needs it more than her. Thanks for making us all look bad julia.. but seriously she's got the right idea.

>Craving cafe rio one hundred percent of the time. Snow or sunshine... it never fails! :)

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