May 20, 2013

jessica anderson

Thank heavens for my Studio Art class! 
I do love learning, don't get me wrong. I'm one of those girls that actually likes school. But it is SO nice to have a class that I am just free to be creative, express myself, and I don't have to read five chapters a night to do so! I really like my professor. She's a little nutty but given, she is a studio artist. I love that she just sets us loose to create or think up whatever we want! The few assignments that I have been assigned so far don't really have any parameters. And I love that it gives me the chance to go in any direction with hardly any evident instruction. This particular assignment was labeled "200 Names." And that was it. There were no further guidelines or outlines that we had to follow. 
So I got thinking about names, I have always joked around about how I have THE most generic name in history. Jessica Anderson. Seriously though I kind of do! I looked up a list of the top 200 most popular girl names from the year I was born. Guess what #1 on the list was? Jessica. Honestly, not that big of a surprise though haha. I decided to write the 200 names on a picture of my face. And we are about to get a little deep here. Our name is just a word that labels us. I could have been given one of millions of different "names" when I was born. But I am Jessica. And through out life, we give our "name" definition. I am defining what "Jessica Anderson" means to the people who know me! My actions and character are what people will associate the sound of my name with, and it makes you think. What are you defining your name as? Is it something you want to voluntarily claim? Or, does it even matter? To an extent, I think it does. Of all the things in this life that we don't have control over, one thing that we can control is who we are. And wouldn't we want to take advantage of that? And leave a positive lasting impression on those who learn our name? Just some food for thought! 

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  1. Love this. and love your outfit. and I'm reeeaal jealous of that class. aaaaaaand you should post our mud fight haha


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