May 30, 2013


Early on Memorial Day my fam hiked our favorite little Adams Canyon.  I seriously just can't get over how beautiful our mountains our. I might just be in love with them. 

I'm so grateful for our country and for so many of those who sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today. I definitely think it's appropriate that we have a Holiday dedicated to remembering and honoring them.
 Also, in THREE days i'm headed off to Mexico! It's finally so close and on Sunday I leave early in the morning with a group of people to go do humanitarian service in some of the orphanages! I am so excited it isn't even funny! 

You can never have too much MURICA, right?? Haha just kidding, this was probably a liiiiitle bit over to the top, but hey it was Memorial Day and I was headed to the Lake, so I justified it :)

one piece-PacSun 
trucker hat-PacSun
button up- Bohme Boutique
shorts- old
yellow bracelet- CottonOn 
blue bracelet- CottonOn

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