Jan 16, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Hasta La Vista Aggies!

You're looking at 
Weber State Universities'
 newest Wild Cat!

After a long process of battling between my options, a lot of prayer, and so many different opinions, I finally came to the conclusion that moving back to my home sweet home was the best choice for me! Never in a million years would I have pegged myself as the girl who moved home after only semester. I was set that Logan was going to be my home for the next four years. But, life happens and as unexpected as my decision was, I am happy with it! I don't regret moving up to Logan for that one semester. In those five short months I learned a whole about myself! Through meeting so many new people and having a ton of new experiences, I was able to better discovered the type of person that I want to strive to become each day! Even though I already knew it, I was reminded of the things that I really do value. And the steps I have to take to hold on to those things! I guess over all I found out i'm a pretty big family girl. If I have the option then why not surround myself with the people who really do love me for me and who have my best interest at heart? The people who I know I can always trust, and who will always have my back, who actually want me to be a better person as much as I want myself to be? I'm pretty lucky they all agreed to let me move back home with them :) But everything happens for a reason and I'm honestly glad I had the experience of being an Aggie, it was blast! So hopefully one full semester of strict playing will hold me over for a while. Cause this girl needs to buckle down! I have both a praxis test, and an interview coming up soon to apply for the El Ed program at Weber. I have a full schedule of credits, and i'm back working at Bohme! Plus with a missionary on my hands, i'm a pretty busy girl! My New Years Resolutions were definitely along the lines of save save save money and study study study my bum off! 

In honor of living at home again I decided to re-do my bathroom.
So this was my project over Christmas Break...



Still missing a few finishing touches, but I love the colors!

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