Nov 30, 2012

Lesson Learned

I have NEVER been a pet person. 
Something very very bad came over me the other day... 

I was at Walmart by myself up here in Logan, buying some stuff to put in a 'Holiday Survival Package' for Jordan. As I was leaving, there was a girl standing in the parking lot holding five little kitties. So I told her, "oh those are so cute!" and she asked me, "well do you want one?" hahahahahaha I told her, "no." obviously. So I got into my car and put my bags down and she walks up to the window and asks me if, 
"I just wanted to hold one?" 
So I said sure, no harm in that right? I don't know what happened after that but somehow I was driving home with a little kitty on my lap.

Well 'Mr. Kitty' was super cute for about one night. But we had a few problems...
No litter box, no cat food, and NO PETS ALLOWED. 
And since I was the one who brought him home apparently he was 'my responsibility.' 

We stuck him in the bathroom at night and laid down newspaper and one of my towels... come morning we find out that of course he decided to poop ON the towel. So after throwing that away, and scrubbing the floors, back to Walmart we went to find him a new home.
 It was actually really easy thanks to how cute he was. Mr. Kitty is now happily living with a biker dude, leather jacket, pony tail and all haha. He fell for the same trick I did and I could NOT be happier to get rid of that dumb cat haha. 

Had to learn it the hard way, but at least now I really know that I will NEVER have my own creature, ever. 


"Holidays away-from-home"
Survival Kit

Gingerbread house kit
making gingerbread houses was one of Jordans favorite Christmas traditions with his family
white chocolate peppermint popcorn
definitely my go-to treat, i've made for him a million times! The peppermint mixed it up a little bit for the holidays :)
hot chocolate, marshmallows, HC mugs.
for all those late night 7-11 visits we would go on!

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