Jan 30, 2013

lemon sweets

You know you're in trouble when,
 a recipe calls for an entire can of sweetened condensed milk.

I had to take a "pinterest break" while I was doing my homework today and I couldn't resist these sweet lemon treats... my ten minute "pinterest break" turned into a 45 minute "baking break." 

^I used this yummy recipe I found here^ 

^but there was also a 5 ingredient, short-cut recipe here^

Speaking of sweets... I'm sure missing my sweetie.

Yesterday Jordan finally got unexpectedly transferred to Agua Prieta, Sonora. His first time being transferred in Mexico! After six months in Nogales I know he developed some very special relationships with his investigators and the members, so he's both sad and very excited for the change. He loves being a missionary, and tells me every single week! The Church is true people! Love his guts and i'm so dang proud of him every single day.

And speaking of missions... my best friend Madi Kramer left for her 18 month journey this morning! She will be serving in Tacloban, Philippines. It was definitely a bitter sweet goodbye. I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing examples I have in my life! 


  1. Jessica your blog is so cute! I absolutely love it:) Seeing how excited you are for Jordan makes me so happy! Keep it up girl, you're doing so good! WOOO!!!

    1. Kenz!! Awh thanks so much! :) You are the cutest!
      I didn't know you blogged, I love having new people to follow.
      And you look like your doing good with your missionary too, we're in this together! :)


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