Jan 23, 2013

all the time


Bohme gets in a new shipment of jewelry while i'm working.

and sometimes

im a little obsessed with jewelry
 and EVEN though i've already spent my strict $30 budget on clothes for the month... 
(that I gave myself due to money-spending issues) 


I make exceptions.


and sometimes...

I find AWESOME websites that have the best deals ever!

I was planning on keeping this to myself but I figured... I might as well share the love.

I do have to warn you, the shipping and handling adds up quite a bit. But considering the deal you get on the products, its sometimes worth it. 

Also, it's sort of a hit-and-miss type of store with finding cute stuff,
 and it took longer for them to arrive then they said it would! 
But regardless, here are the treasures I found:  

And my favorite, this little gem.
I had been looking for a watch-locket for ever! 
(that was reasonably priced)

I get to meet movie-stars when I go to Park City during the Sundance film festivals!
^Miles Teller^
He played 'Willard' off the new FootLoose!
And actually ALL the time, my friends look so pretty!

My little sister ditches me for a week to go to New York.

I blog when I'm suppose to be doing my homework.

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