Sep 23, 2016


(Wrote this post two weeks ago and never posted it... lots has changed since then BUT here ya go anyway.)

HELLO from St. Thomas!!!!! 
WOW! I can't believe where I am... and that it is my new home. We landed here Tuesday after a red eye flight, got picked up from the airport from a member, and were taken on our first adventure with no time to rest! haha. Right away he dropped our bags off at our hotels and told us to change into our swimsuits and after he took us to lunch we got picked up on his boat, drove out to the middle of the ocean, dropped an anchor and we went snorkeling!! WHAT. It was so cool... I have never been snorkeling before so he was patient trying to teach me how to breathe normal and not hyperventilate haha and as soon as I slowed my breathing down... it was SO COOL. We immediately saw and swam around with two sea turtles, tons of cute little and big fish, a sting ray, starfish and a SHARK. (Supposedly a nice shark.) We were bobbing over the water for a second and he said, "Hey Jessica put your head under and look over there, what do you see?" I knew it was going to be something bad haha I stuck my head under and screamed under the water and grabbed Jordan's leg. It was a baby nurse shark, about 4 ft long and apparently wasn't going to hurt us... but I still swam back to the boat as Jordan and everyone else chased it around. It was so cool!
We picked up some more friends from the ward and then went wake surfing... in the dark... on the ocean haha I also stayed on the boat for this. Then he took us back to his house and made us pancakes. Um. Pretty cool first day haha!
Since then, we have been on the hunt for an apt. SO much to consider and so difficult to know if we are making the right decision... if we pick somewhere that will get a good breeze... not as many mosquitos... a good commute to work... a safe neighborhood.... we don't know what we're doing so wish us luck haha. So far we are drawn to the cleaner apartments and ones with great views... which is PRETTY much all of them. Except the cleanest one. haha we can't decide what to give up. 
We've also been on the hunt for a car, so between all our searching to get settled we haven't gotten TOO acquainted with the island yet.. but can't wait until we can do some exploring! 

More recent update and pictures of our island to come soon!

Jane La Bay

Before I moved to St Thomas I did a collaboration with Janelabay. They sent me the CUTEST swimsuit and Julia had some fun taking loots of pictures of it haha. 
It's super cute and comfy and swimsuits are seriously JUST what I need living on this island! 
Check them out!! :) 

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