Aug 31, 2016

Muir Woods & Lombard St.

My favorite thing we did in San Francisco was our visit to the Muir Woods!! You take a ferry across the bay to Sausalito, which is the CUTEST city. I wished we could have spent more time there! (But we HAD to get back to San Fran to see the Diaz Mcgregor fight of course.)
It was definitely more quaint than San Fran and was so cute. From there, we took a shuttle up to the Muir Woods. They are INCREDIBLE. The red wood trees are huge and the hike we went on was beautiful. AND it was the first time that I didn't feel like I needed my coat haha. 

The famous Lombard street, was a work out just to walk through. SO many hills in San Fran. Also... I'm not sure how people manage to get a good picture of the street from the ground haha there are SO many people everywhere and you really can only get a good view of the entire windy road when you were kind of far away... BUT it was still cool to see. And these are the best I got. 

GOODBYE SAN FRAN. We had a great time... We landed in St. Thomas yesterday and have so far had a pretty good time!! And i'm sure we'll have even a better time once we find a house to buy and a car to drive haha... wish us luck. 

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