Sep 28, 2016

our home in the virgin islands, the good the bad and the jelly fish

How many times have we regretted not having a go pro??
Every. Single. Day. 

I never IMAGINED the things I would be seeing in the short month i've lived in St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands! Especially the life that is under the sea. 

We finally had enough of it and ordered ourselves a go pro... should be arriving soon. Thank heavens for amazon. And hopefully there will be (and i'm sure there will) more octopus, sea turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, squids, and fishes of alllll colors and shapes to share with you guys and keep for our memories. :)

WOW. ONE MONTH has passed since we moved to our little island, I find that hard to believe!! I've been wanting to share the experiences we've been having but have been caught up between the AMAZING and the HARD and didn't know where to start and plus at the end of the day usually only had energy enough to snuggle up with our fav netflix series before passing out... in our bamboo sheets of course :)

BUT... I will attempt to share a little bit of both the good, the bad and the jelly fish ;)

(referring to jord and I actually getting stung by jelly fish haha)

So Jord and I out of NO WHERE got the opportunity to come work for PW Companies which you may know as DelSol and Cariloha- maybe i'll go more into that another time. Basically we decided we couldn't pass up this opportunity so we're here managing the St. Thomas Del sol and Cariloha stores.  Right now it's slow season so we work about 4 days week- we only work when there is a cruise ship in port. We have a lot of responsibilities but we are starting to get the hang of it! We work with some awesome St. Thomas locals who have been with our company for YEARS and then we get a new set of interns each semester. 
When we aren't at work we are visiting one of our many options of white sand beaches... heart eyes all day. Seriously it's beautiful here. It's old and mother nature has taken over in many places with vines and jungle growing everywhere and it's so pretty. The beaches are ALL breathtaking- that part I don't think will ever get old!! I went from never snorkeling in my life- wait actually no, never even GETTING IN THE WATER to snorkeling at least 3 times a week. haha It's been so fun to stretch out of my comfort zone and Jord is just like a little boy in a candy shop- he gets SO excited and we're not sure what it is but every time he dives in that water- he sees something "rare" or "you probably won't see that very often" haha. There's another couple on the island our age (HALLELUJAH) and they told us their theory, 
"When you go out snorkeling you probably have like a 5% chance of dying...
but when you go out snorkeling with Jordan your odds go up to about 10%"
hahahaha GAH so true. Dang it Jord!!!!! 

Also, since moving to the islands you realize you have to sacrifice a few things in exchange for those gorgeous views every single day.
HUMIDITY.... is a real thing. It actually doesn't bother me that much.. as long as i'm not trying to be cute. You just fully have to embrace that you are going to be wet and a little sticky all. the. time. 
I'll wash my hair and that same day it looks pretty greasy, also forget about any type of powder or foundation... OH and you can forget trying to find your favorite cosmetic brands anywhere near... aka my fav dry shampoo. But as far as the actual heat and humidity... I like it!! I hate being cold. 

We scored and found a really nice apt.. but regardless of our new appliances and granite counter tops bugs of all shapes and sizes will manage to make your home, their home. I was laughing because one of our interns brought up a very good point.. she said "at first we hated the little tiny bugs that run around everywhere, but now we get even more scared when we don't see them because that means there is something bigger eating them!!" 

We live at the top of the mountain... and get the beeeest island breeze up here- it's so nice especially considering we don't have A.C. We leave our windows open all day and all sorts of geckos are just constantly hanging out on the screen. 

Grocery shopping has been an adventure of it's own- we have to visit at least 3 different grocery stores to get everything we need. We've found a couple that are pretty much like Costco and those are AWESOME. Everything seems to be more expensive here... I don't get how people live such simple lifestyles with simple jobs here and STILL AFFORD THEIR FOOD. I mean a gallon of milk is literally $7.00 on a good day. Tuna fish is cheap. Eggs are cheap. Gotta think of the positive haha. 

There are also some way fun restaurants we've visited and are hoping to hit them all up before we leave- also expensive buuuuuut welcome to the islands! We have found our favorite little "In N' Out" known as the "Tap N' Still" here and go there probably once a week. 

There are lots of things about Utah that I miss and I reaaaalllllllyyyyy miss my family but feel lucky that i haven't felt "homesick." I owe that all to Jordan- home is wherever i'm with you is a real thing!

Grateful to be experiencing all this will my lover. 

More to come soon!

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  1. I loved your post! Looks like you guys are loving it! Enjoy every second!


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