Aug 18, 2016


Jord and I have been in San Fransisco for about a week and we've had SO MUCH FUN so far!! We are here for work training..... PS WE ARE MOVING TO ST THOMAS. WHAT! 
Out of no where came an opportunity for us to manage four del sol and cariloha stores in st thomas.... so we took it!!! more details to come on that later. 
We came to San Francisco for some training and in just a couple weeks we are picking up and moving! 

While we've been in San Fran we've tried to take full advantage, this city is beautiful and full of life and fun things to do!

Saturday, the first day we got here, we arrived a few hours later than planned cause we missed our flight... haha oops. But we still had time to go explore the Pier 39! We ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then took a peddle cab down to AT&T Stadium for a giants game! Such a beautiful stadium... it overlooks the bay and you can see the Bay Bridge... not to be mistaken for the Golden Gate Bridge.. which yes I did haha. Even though the game was FREEZING (welcome to san fran's winter) we still had a good time and Giants won!

(i'm just grateful he puts up with the amount of pictures that he does :))

Sunday, we got a ride to church with our friends who live here. We were planing on staying just for sacrament meeting but as we were leaving we could see out the window to the parking lot and our car was blocked in by a row of cars just parked in the middle hahaha. City life!!

After church we walked down to this place that rented bikes and we rode to and across the Golden Gate Bridge. (This is when I realized it wasn't actually the Bay Bridge because we were riding in the opposite direction of it oops) It was a fun ride but i'm not going to lie I had to get off my bike and walk like twice because there were some steep hills along the way! Riding across the bridge was soooo windy and the bridge is SO TALL. Jord and I were amazed with the architecture. I would recommend doing this if you are in San Fran! We grabbed some SubWay on our way back and ate it in our apartment while we watched The Count of Monte Cristo.... Jord got Alcatraz mixed up with the Cheateu D'iff from the movie so said we had to watch it while we were here. We soon realized it's not the same prison hahahaha oh well still a good movie! 

Monday after work we walked up to Tonys! The wait was an HOUR AND A HALF. But we decided at least it must be good and waited it out. While we waited we walked around and explored the city a little bit until we got too hungry to walk around anymore haha. I've heard the wait is typically always long at Tonys... but the food is sooooo good. Jord and I found out that they do take out!! If you come here... Definitely would recommend that. Because the pizza is definitely worth getting but it would be nice to skip the wait. 

Tuesday before work we got up and explored china town.... not our fav. It basically stunk pretty dang bad and I couldn't get out of there fast enough haha. 

Wednesday after work we went to the Pier to hang out... they have little "free" shows going on every day and the guy performing tonight was an acrobat! He was doing some pretty sweet tricks so we stopped to watch him.

Thursday we got up and headed down to the dock because we had booked a whale watching tour! The boat was ride beautiful PLUS we saw a ton of hump back whales! It was so fun!! At first we just saw them spouting their blow holes and then they would breech the surface, or stick their head out of the water and then finally one of them started slapping his huge tale on the water... it was so cute!!! 

The Golden Gate Bridge


We still have a week left here, hopefully we can find something else to keep us busy :) 

Wish I had allllll my family and friends along with me, of course :) It would just make my adventures that much sweeter!! 
But grateful I have Jord to do all my exploring with. 

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