Oct 5, 2015

blue wall

just like sweet elder bednar pointed out on sunday afternoon, there is much to learn from older and spiritually seasoned leaders of the church :) jord and i have been lucky enough to be roomies with these two young at heart beauties. my grandparents returned home for three weeks (where jordan and I are so gratefully abiding in their home) from their mission service in the Philippines, so my grandpa could receive a surgery on his hand. just having moved from the basement apartment of my other grandparents, I feel that we got the rare opportunity to gain a better relationship with both sets of my grandparents. it has been so sweet to watch and interact daily with our loved ones and learn soooo much from them. we feel lucky. 

ps they headed back to manila early this morning so... party at my house! ;) 

anderson family home evening; the rare occasion where 4 toddlers, 13 children, & 7 teenagers will actually sit still and listen intently.  

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