Dec 8, 2014

first look

So blessed. 
I have been completely overwhelmed by the love and support that Jordan and I have received upon being married. 9 days later, and we are just starting to get settled into our basement apt, study for finals week, try to grocery shop(LOL) and just emerge in this life of together-ness! and as i've been organizing and putting everything away I just keep thinking, "holy cow pretty much everything i own right now is stuff people gave me!" that is a humbling feeling, and sure makes you feel loved. 
i feel like I had sooooo much love coming my way throughout planning my wedding, so many bridal showers, borrowing decorations, people donating their time and talents, it was unreal! I'm so grateful. especially for my parents. holy cow. my mom spent endless hours planning, painting, crafting, making, calling, reserving, calming me, buying.  I cannot even begin to tell you the wonders that woman accomplished. my wedding was a complete dream, it was everything I ever wished for, and it all came true solely because of my mamma. she is full of so much love and selflessness, that lady is. can i please be her when I grow up?? I truly don't know how she does it! her and my dad were my biggest supporters and gave me the most magical evening of my life! -THANK YOU-

^^I really don't think i'll ever be able to say it enough

Mr. and I were given lots of advice, and what we seemed to hear the most was to stay close to God, pray together, read scriptures together, and to remember that the other is a child of God.

wow. how cool, the people we love most all wanting us to find true happiness in marriage through these things, so for our 'first look' into marriage and trying this whole thing out, thats what we'll try to do, and i couldn't be more happy to start our lives with each other
with faith & love, and lots of hugs and kisses.

life is good!

and thank you Gideon Photography for capturing our "first look" at the bride! 

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  1. Your dress is to die for!! You two make such a beautiful couple!


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