Dec 30, 2014

our formals// one month

turns out i'm making this wedding thing drag on for as loooong as i caaaaaaan.
but a one month (yesterday) anniversary of being married WOOT WOOT can't be the worst time ever to post our groomals. so here ya go. thank you again to Jimmy with Gideon Photography. we have loooooved all our pictures. (as you would know if you went to my wedding we had about 9834759834 prints of them everywhere) 

So here's to one whole month!! of marriage to my sweetheart!
one month of good morning kisses & I love yous, 
arguing over the dumbest things like what movie to watch, not 
lasting longer than 5 minutes before falling asleep during ANY movie
anyway, accidentally buying tomato CHIPOTLE (sick) soup, only cooking
one home-made meal so far… (how have i gotten away with that??!), 
way too much laundry for two people, a constant cuddle buddy, 
someone to approve my outfits every day, and my own personal live-in
best friend forever.


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