Nov 24, 2014

moms dress

how did it all of a sudden become the week I get married? Mrs. Carver by saturday?! what. haha jordan and I laugh because it feels like YESTERDAY we were in junior high school together, passing each other in the halls, waiting to text the other person, hanging out playing guitar hero and watching american idol. who could have known then, that this is where we would be now. 
except lets be honest, who wouldn't have guessed. jord was meant to be mine, and I his. 

so much planning and thinking and energy and all going into one day that happens to be Saturday. We were extremely lucky to win a free bridal shoot from the lovely Cassandra Farley! Yay! (The exact words every groom is dying to hear) ;) so with an extra shoot, we decided to make it a little different and take full advantage of free pictures! So I wore my moms wedding dress that she wore in December, 23 years ago and stuck jordan in a semi-vintage get up, and wow it was a lot of fun. I have the best fiancé by the way, what guy willingly comes along to 4 photo shoots??! he's the best and i'm so happy because these pics wouldn't be the same without his handsome face.
i love my mom. she is an angel, she is practically perfect and i felt so privileged to be able to wear her special beautiful wedding dress.

Cassandra is just lovely and you should check out her work here.

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