Jun 4, 2014

cinque terre arrival

cinque terre.
you guys, it's as dreamy and unreal as you think it would be.
We arrived Friday evening after traveling from Pisa, got settled in our camp. 
[yes, i said camp]
and went out exploring a little bit before bed! We went to the beach, got gelato, and walked around the cute little town we were staying in.

Umm… k who knew a dalmatian would steal my heart. 

thats right… camp La Sfinge!!
haha! felt kiiiiind of a bit like girls camp for a little minute there.

our scorpion-free hut for the weekend,
and yes there were a few girls who found actual scorpions in theirs. EW.
buuuuut not complaining cause.. CINQUE.

fyi pronounced: CHINK-WAY

this was the beginning of one of my favorite weekends ever.
LOVE the cinque terre. GO THERE.
Seriously the beauty we had in store for our next day was to die for!! 
[just wait til i get around to posting the pics people!]

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