Apr 7, 2014

spring cleaning

Can you say spring to the clean??

 I spent the majority of my day on saturday cleaning out my closet and drawers… and oh does it feel good. I couldn't believe some of the pieces I was pulling out that I, for some reason, had held onto for years now.
You have to understand that I hoard things, big time. (admittance is the 1st step, right?) So this was a big deal. But it was much needed. My closet can breathe a little bit more now and lets be honest, so can I. Yayy!! Maybe this will start to happen more often now :)

It was high time these guys hit the road!

but me and my hoarder-self feel bad about just throwing everything away, so donations to DI are bagged up and ready to be taken :)
What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?

& do you ever wish you could just spring clean some people out of your life… no? ya me neither.

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