Apr 4, 2014

hope you're happy

To: the punk who stole my things.

I definitely came to the conclusion that my computer charger was stollen only after I tore apart my house, car, and all my bags multiple times a day for almost a week. I was in denial because a.) isn't everyone honest in davis county? and b.) that little power source is stinkin expensive. 

So, to whoever thought that they could steal from a trusting and maybe slightly naive girl i hope you're happy. I hope you can sleep at night knowing that your integrity was shot in exchange for what, $50-$60 from reselling it on amazon? This kind of dishonestly will get you no where in life, you may think it will for a little while, but it will catch up with you. & you will have gained nothing. Was it really that big of a deal that I had to buy a new charger? No, I  mean it definitely would have been nice to get those super cute neon nike frees i've been eyeing, but what really bothers me is that people like you find it OKAY to live this kind of lifestyle. To hurt others in exchange for your own gain. I pity you, and feel sad for whatever circumstances brought you to this. Where is your conscience? Where is your pride in representing humanity? 
Where is your honesty?
I don't understand how these simple values can mean absolutely nothing to some people.
I hope you're happy.

on the other hand…
I've been enjoying these beautiful grapefruits the past few days… and mmmm. :)
They are nectar from the gods.

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