Apr 19, 2014

motivate yo self

>>this girl cannot get away with drinking a dr.p after 4 and expect to be soundly dreaming by 2:06. Nope, not ever in the books. so naturally mental scrapbooking and blogging takes place.

not to mention big things are coming, which pretty much has the same effect on sleep as caffeine so, there ya go, double whammy.

but first, FINALS WEEK.
so lets get that motivation kicked into gear and finish strong!! 
and hope for at least more motivation for studying than I have at the gym… which is a work in progress. you guys i've been trying but I get so bored going by myself, how can I fix this problem?!

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel… 16 days until departure to italy. 
i've finally been getting some time to build up some excitement for this coming adventure of mine. oh I feel so blessed already that i'm going to be able to experience this. our last group meeting is tomorrow, and then the next time we see each other as a group we will be arriving at RCO airport probably high on excitement buzz but drowsy because our timetables will have taken a 1-80. (8:00 am italy = 12 am utah) YEEP! 

happy easter weekend to you all

xoxo, and hopefully sweet dreams soon.

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