Mar 10, 2014

towards the light

ok ok… i know this is normal and totally not that exciting that flowers "lean towards the light" but still please admit how caaaauuuteee these tulips are, maybe it's cause they are being so dramatic with "leaning" but the simplest things will never cease to amaze me (i hope.)

and speaking of leaning towards light…. hello spring break! 
much needed week that i already know is going to go by too fast.

but lets all enjoy it while we can, fit in some spring cleaning, get a little sun kissed, and stay calm because spring break = half way through the semester.

ps… if you're like me and you like treats and are craving something fresh and sweet.. these lemon brownies are your guy.

also speaking of leaning towards the light… i loved the first presidency message this month.

the "Teaching From This Message" section nails it.

XOXO and happy spring breaking! 

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