Mar 19, 2014

happy birthday sister friend

happy birthday sister jenni smoot!!

because this girl turns 20 today and… lesbihonest. ;)
Jenni is one of those girls who is everyones friend. i mean it. everyone and their dog.
(she'll probably have like 23423 bridesmaids)

but it's because of her sweet, sincere, and outgoing personality that attracts SO many people to her.
i'm lucky enough to have wound up going over to her house one sunny day in 8th grade and its been ongoing adventures and laughs ever since. 

so happy twentieth!! and I know that you are blessing those californian lives with your charismatic sweetness and contagious enthusiasm for life and the gospel. :) 

and i guess i miss you lots so i made a collage of a billion of our adventures so i could just miss you more!! 

"Girl, I love you! & don't get too Flustered today cause it should hella be sick!" 
-as jenn dog would say

PS… target is a lifesaver for care packages, among other things. 

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