Mar 24, 2014

life lately //

according to the iPhone pics.

trying new treats//seeing old friends//GETTING READY//random funny surprises//trying to get fit//and eating healthy//vintage fairs//school work//pretty nails//I'd personally like to thank the genius who invented these fabulous hair ties… they have completed my life (because normal hair-ties were always just too ugly to wear on my wrist)//loving and missing this handsome boy//italy preperation.

// my little heart is so full of happiness today! 
Not because of any thing spectacular that just happened, but just because realizing that every day we are alive IS spectacular. so much time, i'll spend it wishing i was skinnier, smarter, richer, creative-er, when really we can always find love for just being who we are and for trying our very bestest. (we just gotta look in the right place)
Plus when the sun is shining, it's always easier to have a happy heart. 

this seems to be my daily realization and i kick myself for keep having to RE-realize it. gosh jess. 

happy monday! 

also, i have a really cool cousin. and even though we definitely aren't as close we used to be when we were 6 and would run around playing kiss-tag, and play make-believe pretending we were on survivor, or teaching me how to roller blade, i still sure do look a heck a lot up to him. and he'd probably be shocked to know i even do, or quote him so often in this little space. but here's his latest. (talking about his friend who recently passed.) his outlook on life is just prime.

All I can think about is Edson. I love that guy, and have awesome memories of staying up with him all night and talking about goofy things and calling him when my truck got a boot at 3 in the morning. He was an incredible friend. Kind to EVERYONE and wanted nothing but the best for those around him. Not being able to see him in this beautiful mortal existence breaks my heart, but I know that there are amazing things in store for him in the next life. Health, happiness, and friends. I can’t wait to kick it with him in the eternity’s. This life is so precious and so short, so we have to cling to it, but all truly is well. He’s headed somewhere great.

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