Aug 28, 2013

how to magically turn 20

Wake up with twenty pink & yellow balloons floating above your head.

Plus a surprise delivery of beautiful roses from your missionary. 
(and big thanks to his mom for being the delivery girl)

Go to dinner with the people who you love very most.

Eat the best dessert in the world! After your house has smelled like yummy almond all day, mmmm :) (and then eat it again, for breakfast the next day)

Adopt a mother as creative as mine and get TWENTY of my very favorites things all in one ADORABLE purse :)

I am so blessed, and am feeling very loved. I have the sweetest mom who made my special day just that. :) Even though I spent 6 hours in my first day of school classes it was magical, believe it or not! THANKS MOM for being so sweet, giving, caring, loving, selfless I love you! I have the best grandparents who ALL made me feel special and seriously my family is bomb. I love them so much.

Plus, this guy never fails to impress me: 



  1. Happy birthday!! The pictures of you holding all of those balloons are so precious. 20 is a good year, live it up girl!

    Tightrope to the Sun


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