Aug 19, 2013

what to expect after wisdom teeth surgery.

Well, i'm officially three wisdom teeth less of a person.

(4 days post surgery, anyway)

eat. (what I want) ice-cream is my favorite food but it turns out when thats all you can eat... not so much. i've never craved an In N' Out burger more in my whole life, in fact i've actually NEVER craved one before. not to mention every sharp thing has never sounded so appealing, chips & salsa, chex mix, carrots, nuts, hidden valley granola bar...

open my mouth past the size of a quarter.

take myself seriously when I look in the mirror. Yet, i'm still butt hurt when OTHER people laugh at my cheeks. (only i'm allowed to do that)

poop. a dairy-only diet does not make for a happy tummy.

keep my emotions in check. whether it be the meds, or just me feeling sorry for myself, crying fits are to be expected. (i'm gonna go ahead and throw it out there that the "feeling sorry for myself" is also a result of the meds though)

STAY AWAKE. holy cow i've been a zombie since friday.

Apparently have a sense of hygiene. I seriously finally showered and changed my clothes last night... i'm not proud.

i CAN opt out of helping my family unload the groceries from the car though, haha. 

can't stop spitting blood. my. breathe. is. rancid. 
Lick your wrist, then smell it. Thats what your breathe smells like to other people... TERRIBLE idea.

blow my nose... OUCH!

Drink from a straw. And thanks to my semester I spent living in the dorms, it's really the only way I like to drink.

brush my teeth. (okay, okay, yes I CAN do this. But it's scary! There are open wounds back there people!)

drive. (meds)

I can't remember waking up from surgery. But apparently I was really emotional and cried for no apparent reason for a couple hours... while trying to hug the nurse.
Oh ya, and I posted a really embarrassing video on vine that I have no recollection of haha.

BUT my mother has waited on my hand and foot. and even though i'm ornery and get upset when my ice-cream mixed with milk isn't the right consistency (blaming the meds again) she has still been the sweetest. brings me my salt water, antibiotic, and pain killer when I need it, (haha what would I do without her? Probably develop a bacterial disease and die.) 

Thanks mom, I love you!! You are a life-saver. 

Oh ya, I have a new found motivation to NEVER gain 20 lbs of cheek fat. . . The look just doesn't do me good. 

Back on day one when I THOUGHT my cheeks were huge. Yah right:


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  2. I can totally relate! I often crave for food I know I am not allowed to eat. Despite your emotional state during medication, your pictures turned out fine. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica! All the best!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental


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