Apr 29, 2013

ice-cream shoppe in a box


two semesters down.
and my mom is the cutest ever
She'll never know how much I appreciate her little,
"Congrats on another semester of college, so proud of you!" 
and all the other thoughtfulness she has provided over the years, always wrapped up in cute bows and with love!!
I couldn't have done it without her, 
I love this lady with all my heart!

We are also celebrating the fact that I have a handsome missionary serving the Lord! What better way to celebrate than with an ice-cream party? 
(if your asking me, there isn't a better way)

So, I made a little miniature ice-cream shoppe, wrapped it up in a box, and sent it off! (if the chocolate is a completely melted mess by the time it gets to him, at least it was a nice thought right?)

The balloons add to the celebration, plus they serve as great protective packaging! 


  1. Jess I am seriously dying over this package! You are so creative! I can't get over how cute that is! He will love that! Oh gosh I love your blog.

    1. oh thanks kenz! You are far too sweet :)

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