Apr 4, 2013

DIY poor strip. raw clean.

So... I tried the "DIY poor strip."

1 Tbs. non flavored Gelatin 
1-2 Tbs. milk
-mix ingredients
-heat for 10 sec.
-mix again
-apply to face
-allow to dry
-peel off face

And I just couldn't keep these to myself. haha I look like a plastic barbie! And I felt like one too... this stuff is powerful. And I could not for the life of me move my mouth, or any muscle in my face for that matter. The 1st & 3rd picture is me sincerely trying to smile, big! haha
Anyway, this was definitely a good method of the DIY poor strip. . . It really will gut out any particle  of gunk you have in your poor. Which for me, was not that much. So that is why if you are planning to try this I have some insight that the tutorial doesn't include...

  • Only apply to the areas of your face that you feel need gutting haha. (black heads and such) When I got done peeling this off, my face felt raw. Smooth as a baby's bottom, yes. But it wasn't necessary for me to have it every where.
  • On that note, it hurts to peel off so be prepared haha.
  • Avoid eyebrows at ALL costs, it WILL rip them out. (yup, learned that the hard way) 
  • Only put a thin layer on, mine was way too thick.
  • Avoid skin around eyes, this was an extra sensitive area to peel!

Those in mind, this was an effective recipe! It definitely beats the $12 poor-strips and was much cheaper, which is always a plus.

Now just enjoy a good giggle on my behalf!

Now that i'm feeling fresh, like a brand new woman... Time to hit the sack!


  1. hahahahaha lolz. avoid eyebrows at ALL costs

    1. haha seriously! my eyebrows were thin enough to begin with!


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