Mar 5, 2013


I wish you all could have seen me just barely. 

Here I am, enjoying the beginning of my spring break, laying in bed still at 10:00 a.m. when a loud knock pounds on my front door. I ignored it at first, but then looked out my window only to see the MAIL woman driving off! I jumped out of bed and opened my door to find a 'notice' saying that I had to sign for a package in order to get it! And that I had to wait until tomorrow!! Haha I was not okay with that, so there I go running out the front door, flailing my arms (yes in a giant t-shirt and underwear) hoping to get her attention, only to have my efforts gone UNNOTICED. (hopefully also unnoticed by the neighbors) But I wasn't giving up, I ran back inside threw on a pair of pants, grabbed my key and, yes I did in fact hunt down the mail woman haha. Don't worry, I found her! I had to corner her mail truck so she wouldn't drive off again. She was laughing at me, but nonetheless let me sign for my package.

And no, this wasn't even a package from Jordan. It is possible for me to get this excited over few other things, it was my Sammydress jewelry! Me and Julia went thrift shopping a few weeks ago, and I guess it's harder to find authentic vintage jewelry then I thought, so I cheated. I ordered these cute items, for dirt cheap! And I am so excited to finally have them!

The best part?
Jewelry is FREE shipping!


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