Mar 28, 2013

hippity hoppity easters on its way

What's Easter week without a little bunny rabbit? Julia got asked to Layton's prom, 
"I wouldn't want to go with any 'bunny' else!" 
Cute, right? Too bad Thumper has already found a new home. haha a week is usually the rate that pets last at our house. Charlie is one lucky animal! (actually thats debatable) He beats the all time record and is coming up on one and a half years living with us! Dare I say, he's growing on me? :/ I might be sad if he got hit by a car. I guess time does heal all things. (Don't tell!)

Some, bunny loves you!

Have a hoppy Easter!

Q. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?
A. Unique Up On It.

Q. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit?
A. Tame Way, Unique Up On It.

I'm so pun-ny. 

easter in a box...
tried to go with a little sports theme.

Folks. It's my FAVORITE little boy again!! I'm telling you, I have a connection with this little guy. He totally melts my heart! Jordan showed up to his house and the little boy was dressed in a suit and he told Jordan, 
"my name is elder carver cortez" 
haha I love him, and i love that he wants to be like the missionaries.


  1. alright Jess
    First: you are too cute.
    Second: Your bunny jokes crack me up. and "a week is usually the rate that pets last at our house" ????? hmmm I wonder why! did you happen to feed this poor little bunny some bleach?!?! ;) hahaha
    Third: freakin cutest easter package ever.
    And Fourth: That little boy is honestly thee cutest thing EVER.
    love you! bye!

  2. like.. that picture of him with the suit makes me wanna cry. good job jordy :):)
    ok now bye.

  3. Amen to everything just said. ^^ the boy doesn't make me want to cry though.... he MADE me cry!!! SO CUTE!!!!!

  4. Jess you are so cute! I love your easter package:) Ps- you have THE cutest blog ever. I LOVE IT.

    1. kenz, you make my day every time I read your nice comments!! haha thanks girl. YOU are the cutest!


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