Mar 18, 2013

my green day.

 A family that Laughs together,
 Stays Together.

I know you are all green with envy, cause my family is the greatest. These people are my best friends. Each person is so unique and each of our individualities give my fam quite the character! There is never a dull moment with this bunch.
Sure do love them :) 

Kiss me i'm Irish.

Who's dinner was as green as mine?

So many good friends going on missions! It feels like the farewells are never going to end, and if there isn't a farewell then there is a homecoming. It's so rad! I'm so proud of all you Sisters and Elders serving in the field and those preparing to! :) 

Hands down the lamest package I've ever sent. I'm actually quite ashamed of it, but St. Patricks Day snuck up on me and I had to do what I could to throw together a last minute, 
"Just so you know i'm thinking about you" green package. 

And of course this cute guy,
 wishing you a Happy St. Patricks Day from Mexico!

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  1. Oh my! Cutest pictures. Turns out amazing style runs in your family!



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